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In the beginning…

There’s a modern fable that this great success story began with two young guys trying to find their niche. Moving from country to country, making contacts, getting connected. Hitting the hottest parties. Going to the best clubs. Learning everything there is to know about the glamorous life.


This is a tale that started with two young minds returning from a bar-tending stint in London with nothing but dreams and 1000 pounds. Their humble beginning was met with no fame or fortune, but only sleepless nights and backbreaking work. Rumours began to spread, and quickly evolved into something else entirely. A body of liquid chefs. A collective of like-minded individuals. A movement.

The LiquidChefs story is about the present, built on a solid foundation in the past and a trend-defining view of the future. It’s about entrepreneurial spirit and youthful energy; solid business foundations and confident courage. It’s about changing the traditional understanding of ‘parties’ and ‘drinks’ and ‘entertainment’. It’s about a completely new approach to corporate success.

It’s about attracting those who believe in these things; who live life liquid.

The early days…