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Media News Releases | LiquidChefs ‘breaks the ice’ in the Antarctic!

8 May, 2010

LiquidChefs has celebrated another first, taking the concept of premium mobile bars to another level: On 23 November 2009, LiquidChefs set up a 1.5 metre, fully-equipped evolution bar on the ice in Antarctica, to welcome the first-ever commercial flight to land in the Antarctic.

White Desert is the only company in the world that can take guests into the interior of Antarctica in luxury and style, using private jets. LiquidChefs was chosen to add to this luxurious experience, by serving cocktails on ice to all guests upon their arrival and during the course of the first ever day-trip to Antarctica.

“It is a landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet, so rarely visited and as beautiful as it is surreal. Seeing a LiquidChefs bar on the ice in Antarctica was definitely one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced!” said Shai Evian, LiquidChefs Director.

He adds, “The day-trip was an experience like no other: We flew to Antarctica on a five-hour flight, spent 10 hours on the ice and got back into the jet, flying home again in five hours. What an incredible way to spend a day!”

Guests were clearly astonished to see one of their favourite local entertainment brands standing proudly on the ice, awaiting their arrival with freshly-made Martini Zens, Mojitos, Caipiroscas and passion fruit Margaritas.

Evian concludes, “Keep an eye on LiquidChefs, as we continue to explore ideas to deliver exciting and original services and solutions. From the top of Table Mountain, to the middle of the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, in the bush at executive game reserves, at celebrity homes, and now with the first-ever cocktail bar in the middle of the seventh continent, we are proud to keep proving not only that LiquidChefs is one of South Africa’s most innovative companies, but that nothing is impossible!”

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