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Efficient Modernisers | Sales Meet the Team | Carmen Marais

If I were a cocktail I would be a Crasha, because a little spice goes a long way.

Name: Carmen Marais
Birthday: 8 March
Birthplace: Cape Town
Years with co: Less than a year
Position: Cape Town Sales & Events Manager
  • If I had just won a million rand I would pay off my parents’ home and send them on an island holiday. Then I’d take my mates to Ibiza and have a kick-ass party. I’d also pay to have Kevin Snyman’s desk sectioned off and papered with pictures of himself.
  • If I were a cocktail I would be a Crasha, because a little spice goes a long way.
  • My ultimate dream party experience is a treehouse party in two massive trees on a secluded and deserted island, with ziplines as our transport down to the beach dancefloor, surrounded by bonfires, with Tiesto, Deadmau5, David Guetta and The Wedding DJs performing, while LiquidChefs make all the cocktails to keep us going until the sun comes up.
  • My favourite place to go out for a drink is Caprice in Cape Town or The Highlander in Slummies (only us locals can call it that!) at sunset.
  • My favourite song is… Song? Singular? Impossible… Dance the Night Away – The Mavericks; The Gambler – Kenny Rogers; Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing (Yes, yes, I am a girl); Fairytale – Liquiddeep; Poppihola – Chicane.
  • I use the term “celebrity” broadly here, but if I could be someone else for one day, maybe Julius Malema – surely there is no greater freedom in a day?
  • If I could have a drink with anyone in the history of the world it would be Marie Antoinette – the lady wrote the book on women having a good time, albeit on France’s expense account.
  • I haven’t been with LiquidChefs all that long yet, but even so, there are a few highlights. I would have to say: the last day I had in Joburg after my training. Everyone got together for a few staff members’ birthdays and it was as clear as day that I had joined a company that truly cares about its people… Which, in my experience, is rare!
  • How do I live life liquid? By being adaptable, forward moving and knowing that without liquid, life is not sustainable!

If you’re ever in Cape Town I’m the girl that knows how to Live Life Liquid!  When it comes to changing the traditional understanding of partying, drinks, and entertainment…yea, call me, Carmen Marais!
Get in touch – | 0827167098