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Classic Mavericks | Directors Meet the Team | David Leon

I work hard so I can play hard

Birthdate: 27 August 1980
Birthplace: Johannesburg
Years with the company: <1
Current position: Financial Director
  • If had just won a million rand i would give some away and blow the rest.
  • If i were a cocktail i would be a margarita, always served with tequila.
  • My ultimate dream party experience is a beach, live music, cocktails and women.
  • My favorite place to go out for a drink in South Africa is MiBar.
  • My Favourite song is Wonderwall by Oasis.
  • If I could live the life of any celebrity for a day, it would Probably be Christiano Ronaldo or some other football star. I have Always wanted to do that for a living.
  • If I could have a drink with anyone in the history of the world, I would have a drink with my grandfather. I never met him but he must have been a good guy to make my dad.
  • My favorite liquidchefs experience is coming to work with such passionate people everyday – and the odd drink of course.
  • How do I live life liquid? I work hard so I can play hard.

I am the numbers guy, I try my best to pay the bills, keep costs down and advise financially how best we can deliver profits to all stakeholders.
Get in touch – | 083 326 6128