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Classic Mavericks | Directors Meet the Team | Shai Evian

My favourite LiquidChefs experience? Cocktails in Antarctica.

Name: Shai Evian
Birthday: 02 May
Birthplace: Sandton, JHB
Years with co: since the beggining
Position: New Business Development
  • If I had just won a million rand, well, it would start with a serious party at home… Then, a trip to Vegas. I’d pay off some debts and if there was anything left, I’d invest in one of my crazy business ideas. Come to think of it, I’ve always had a dream to buy a luxury yacht and sail the world – but a million rand won’t get me there, so maybe I’ll invest in the engine.
  • If I were a cocktail, I would be the Zen Martini. It’s smooth, well-balanced and I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t like it.
  • My ultimate dream party experience: a luxury yacht in the middle of the ocean under the stars, LiquidChefs, my closest friends and Fat Boy Slim.
  • My favourite place to go out for a drink in South Africa? MiBar Martini, but I’d be too worried about everybody else having a good time… Right now, Randlords in Braamfontein.
  • My favourite song at the moment… ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ (Simon and Garfunkel). It’s a classic.
  • If I could live the life of any celebrity for a day it would definitely be a day in the life of Neil Armstrong – taking man’s first steps on the moon.
  • If I had the privilege to have a drink with anyone in the world, it would be Sir Richard Branson, as clichéd as that sounds. He’s been there and done it all. I would convince him to back me.
  • My favourite LiquidChefs experience? Cocktails in Antarctica.
  • How do I live life liquid? As if every day is my last.

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